Review: Berghaus Vapour LS Zip Neck Tee

Berghaus Vapour LS Zip Neck Tee
Berghaus Vapour LS Zip Neck Tee


Push yourself to the limit on your favourite summer trail run with the Men’s Vapour Long Sleeve Zip Neck T-Shirt.


As part of the Vapour Light range, this baselayer is designed to work in complete coordination with the rest of the collection allowing for maximum ventilation and performance. A three component construction allows for great freedom of movement and breathability – stretch panels over the shoulder create an unrestricted fit, a new open knit structure allows for a highly lightweight and efficient main body while underarm mesh allows for great breathability in the high perspiration areas.

  • Weight (approx.): 153g

  • Stay fresh and comfortable with the ARGENTIUM® fabric powered by Polygiene® – this fabric quickly wicks moisture from the skin while the Polygiene® technology offers permanent odour management
  • The athletic cut of this garment gives you unrestricted freedom of movement whilst offering protection and keeping you cool
  • Designed to work in sync with the whole of Berghaus Vapour range
  • Stay safe in the sun – this top is long sleeved and has a UPF of 30+ (excluding mesh) for added sun protection

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Review: Cubana (Waterloo)

This is the apres-climb dinner near Waterloo after a weekend of climbing at Portland – really the first proper meal of the whole weekend!

Waterloo as it is the train station before we separate to different directions, Cubana is because I want something exotic and close to the station.

It is a bit on the romantic side with dimmed room, singer and candles – bit weird to dine with David but anyway I ordered Passion mocktail (3.00) and David had the lady-like Very Strawberry mocktail (3.00).

I also suggested a starter to share so we had Pincho de gambas (5.00) – Prawn skewer, it is ok.

For my main I had Camarones a la Criollo – Creole-style prawns sautéed in a light tomato sofrito with cilantro, peppers, pimenton and a little chilli. A traditional dish from Cuba’s deep South-East – served with chilli-plantain rice(12.00) – nice.

David had Cerdo Assado – Outdoor-reared marinated pork, slow-roasted cooked Cuban-style, served with black beans, chilli-rice and plantain (As this dish is freshly roasted it is only available at lunchtimes and evenings)(12.00) – which I think it better than my choice.

The plaintain chili-rice is really nice, sweet taste. Recommended. They also have white? and hot sauce in bottles (bit dirty though) on the table which add some more punch.

Total with VAT 37.69. Served by Edna on 10/05/15.


Overall it is good and I think i will visit again (hopefully not with David again but I am thinking of going Portland this year in May too…).

Review: PHO Ealing

Saw a new PHO opening in Ealing and offering half price on everything so we went there on a Monday evening of their 2nd day of opening. God there is a long queue – never though there are so many crazy people in Ealing. So I left M there and went for a quick Tesco shop while she queues.

The restaurant was very busy due to the 50% off food offer we managed to sit in within 30mins and the staff are obviously stressed with this many customers.

M ordered ABC for drink, that is Apple, Beetroot and Carrot, a nice name! Quite tasty but expensive at 3.40 pounds.

I ordered the Lemongrass Tea (1.80), it is basically a lemongrass stick in hot water.

There is Crepe Chix Prawn? (7.75) as starter, which is basically a bag of rice paper cut in half and served with herbs and dips, the rice paper is a lot and i struggled to eat all of them, they must be mad and can’t be bothered to take a few rice papers instead of the whole bag…

For the pho we ordered Pho House (10.75) and Pho Trung (9.75) which I have no idea what they look like or what’s in it…

Overall the food was plain and no where near Mama pho or Cafe East, at a premium price with smaller portion it is unlikely to see us visiting again except in a pinch.

With 50% off food it just matched what you would get from Mama Pho, full price is 33.45, the 50% doesn’t include VAT so the full payment is 21,74. Not very impressed even with the discount!

On the good side their pickles are very nice, I think i ate the whole jar of the chilis on the table 😛

Review: Al Balad

I had a bad weekend as my climbing centre was closed and I only saw that after I travelled all the way to Zone 1. Annoyed I called M for some Oxford Street shopping/wandering, then we decided to eat something that can’t be found in Ealing. So again we went for the Middle Eastern restaurant we went before, my favourate is their spicy pomegranate salad “Spicy Lebanese Salad?” (£5.50).

The fresh juices are another bonus, but they don’t have what we wanted (Grapefruit?) so we had Orange Juisce (£3.00) and Pinapple Juice (£3.45) instead.

We ordered Makanek (£5.50) – Lebanese Small Sausages – along with our salad to share. It was bit crazy for this dish though, as it had too much balsmic vinegar to it so it tastes very strong, I kind of accepted that but after a few of them your tongue can’t taste any other flavours. So I have to devour a big pile of unlimited breads (free) to balance that. The breads are not made in house but just as tasty as any other restaurant. Eat while it is hot!

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Review: Beirut Express

Found a receipt dated 15/11/2014, judging from the 3 drinks I think it might be the dinner after climbing with David.

David must be the one who ordered Banana Milkshake (£2.75). Not sure it is me or M that ordered the Grapefruit Juice (£2.75) – most likely myself, then the Carrot Juice (£2.50) could be M’s choice.

I remember David didn’t eat too much meat, maybe he is nervous meeting M for the first time. We ordered a Mixed Grills (£13.00) and Spicy Lebanese Salad (£5.00) which are usually very good. Those salad at a middle eastern restaurants are always packed with flavour.

“Soujok” – Turkish Spicy Sausage (£5.50) –  are the small sausages good for a starter or as a tapas sharer.

“Kibbeh Shameyieh” – minced meat with bulgar wheat baked in the torpedo shape (£5.50), usually served as a part of meze. I think it is just so-so, on the dry side. Not recommended.

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Review: Tonkotsu Ramen Bar, Soho

Had a simple dinner with M a while ago in Soho, this is a differnt Ramen bar than the one I visited in nearby (which serves freshly made noodles – long queue). This one is rather deserted on a Sunday evening so we got in.

We ordered Sencha Green Tea (£2.30) for drinks as always, this is definitely overpriced.  Ramen choice is easy, I had the Tokyo Ramen (£10), adequate size. M had the Soho Ramen (£11) which have a very small portion of haddock and about 3 pieces of Pak Choi. The taste is good though as all the essense is in the soup, and they demostate the ramen assembling process through their window near the street and you can watch the chef getting your ramen ready there.

The highlight of this ramen bar is probably their chilli oil – eat the bits, no MSG. It tastes good and they sell the jars of them (£5.95 per jar).

The total bill was £28.16 with 10% service charge and tax.

JustHost’s unlimited services have limits

I got this very interesting email from JustHost, my current hosting provider.

“Server Performance Warning for POKESOFT.NET”

It has come to our attention that your site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources on your Just Host account. This is causing performance problems not only on your own website, but for other customers that are on this same server.  When left unchecked, it can potentially cause crashes or service interruptions and lead to additional downtime.

Our research shows that server performance degrades when the MySQL usage is over 1000 tables and/or 3 GB on a single account or 1000 tables and/or 2 GB on a single database.  In order to ensure optimal performance for your account and the others in your shared hosting environment, we request that you reduce the MySQL usage on your account to under these limits by 08/13/2014.

Your account information:
Total MySQL Database Size: 2148.60 MB
Total MySQL Tables: 191

Largest MySQL Database Size: 2123.55 MB
Largest MySQL Table Count: 83

Hmm, is my tables really this big? Having a poke around I found the culprit – this email is really useful! Otherwise I wouldn’t know there are a billion bots hitting my phpBB every second. Fortunately they all got stuck in the awaiting_approval queue, unfortunately this queue is in the database.

The whole phpBB was setup to test my SSO implementation, it doesn’t have any use, so I just delete the database and the files. Now I am running with only 25MB (still a bit big for vclib, not sure why…)

More email text can be found below:

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Review: Penang! Malaysian Restaurant, Westfield White City

Visited Penang! in Westfield with M. I have been here before, but can’t remember what I ordered last time.

Their menu says that you should allow for 3-5 dishes per person, which is crazy as I think 2 dishes will likely to get full (if you order one with noodles or rice). They also have a “big dishes if you are very hungry” section in the menu, which is more expensive than the normal ones. M had ordered the “Char Kway Teow” – Fried Flat Noodles (£10.25) from the big dishes menu. It only came a mouthful bigger than my “Pad Thai Prawns” (£6.25) from the normal menu. Either I am get very good value from the Pad Thair, or M was conned by the not-so-big Char Kway Teow…

Now, the food & drink summary:

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Review: Tian Fu (天府布衣) Chinese Restaurant

Our work team found an excuse to visit Tian Fu again! This time for a Friday lunch – yes, so no one will do any work afterwards…

I prepared my list of things to order from my past experience. However we were quite disappointed this time due to our high expectations. They opened a branch nearby, the Tian Fu BBQ House (天府烧烤屋), one of my colleagues actually went there instead of the actual Tian Fu… Maybe I will try the BBQ House next time 🙂

Here is a summary of our food and my thoughts:

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Outdoor Designs Gaiter Stroll On One Size Navy

Outdoor Designs Gaiter Stroll On One Size Navy

An entry-level gaiter for the budget-conscious walker, the Outdoor Designs Stroll On Gaiter fits almost any boot and is tough enough for rough and tumble. Classic styling in hard-wearing nylon with a waterproof coating is comfortable and easy to adjust for the best fit. The rear zip and metal lace hook make donning them a breeze; Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditionists and those wanting a decent gaiter at a great price will be more than happy with the Stroll On Gaiter.

  • ‘One size fits all’ gaiter for walkers and D of E expeditionists at an excellent price.
  • Waterproof 420D 6oz nylon is tough and abrasion-resistant.
  • Traditional design has an elasticated ankle and foot for comfort and fit.
  • Calf drawstring allows adjustment for most sizes of calf muscle.
  • Rear entry zipper means no blow-through from a headwind.
  • Metal lace hook is robust and easy to attach for a snug, secure fit.
  • Underboot lace tie keeps the gaiter down even when stepping in mud.
£5.97 clearance, bought@TheOutdoorShop
This is a very cheap product, all the laces are standard shoe laces, and I wonder how long their will last underfoot. You do have to manually tie off all the laces though, a lot of fuff I think… Not breathable as it only use Nylon. One size.
Not recommended. I only bought this because it is cheap, so I can work hard without worrying to damage my £60 TNF gaiter….