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Fix (Fake) an overexposed sky

Found an excellent way of fixing an overexposed sky – faking with Photoshop 🙂 Before – The sky is overexposed. This is a very common problem with shooting high contrast sceneries. (esp. a bright cloudy sky) After – Feels like magic! Even though it is a fake sky.

暴力拆解Canon A710 IS 数码相机

吴瀚的相机坏掉了,症状是从上传Alton Tower摔过之后就开机黑屏,镜头套筒脱出,显示镜头出错. 经观察发现此际快门根本不开,怀疑是有东西卡住,吴瀚就傻呼呼地让我拆了,可他万万想不到啊,这是他最后一次看到自己相机开机…. 先来看一下大叔相机的遗容(佳能A710 IS,用了2年了吧,6x变焦,7.1M像素)