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Mircroblogging Apps Comparison My Comments: 5. Mini Twitter Private | Demo | Download (PHP) BETA 0.3 – Rubbish, poor design, error when signin… 8. sweetter Better Implementation of Twitter | Demo | Download (Django) Ver. 3 – not pretty design 7. Floopo Free Twitter Clone | Demo | Download (PHP) v0.9

Pokesoft Commons Javascript

“Why use jQuery for every web project?” – This is a JS file containing common Javascript functions and utilities used with my web projects. Contains 3rd party code but does not rely on any other framework/functions.

HTML tags to avoid

I got nerdy these days for semantic web, due to a project – migration of Tandberg Knowledge Base articles to We had tons of bad (and sometimes, incorrect) HTML in the KB (as a result of human typing HTML directly), and I believe it is a good time to tidy up those HTML by…

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Popup links in MediaWiki to new window

have good reasons not to enable new window for links but this is just so annoying for me. A simple method is to add a bit of script into MediaWiki:Common.js so it hooks links with a class=”pops” attribute, then add target=”_blank” to it for new window opening. Detailed instructionn and script is here: Very…

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dhtml tree menus

Tree menus look very good on pages, but hard to implement (well, not easy to implement) by hand, so here are some written code for building tree menus: Professional and Nice-looking, commerical product 🙁  I recommend you see the demos on their website! This one, simple but effective, and it has a good tutorial…

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JavaScript Time Picker

The first ever Time Picker that utilize a very easy drag and drop interface. With it’s unique design, anyone can drag the minutes or hour hands independently to select a time. Not very easy to use, I have to say ;( Im not going to use that, but it’s good enough for JS.…

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