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1. Tried Amy’s cool mini mobile phone, sadly not working… 🙁 coz of it can neither use OTA nor Blutooth, shame… 2. Tidied the DRC code, nothing todo atm


1. Nearly finished the disssertation….now writing appendices…the introdution is left 4 tmr 😉 2. Tested mobileDRC on GDS’s shining new SHARP SH1018c phone, doesn’t work, it exits directly…damn…


1. Finally got Google Chrome installed….my proj sucks in Chrome…:( 2. Fix’d the testing connection issue, i need to reset() the ProcessorThread before takein other connection, or o/w it’s alway flagged as loggedout… 3. Testing of Server done…phew~ Now im holding lots of data, excel skills needed… 


1. (Server) User’s now stored in Users.xml and login works. 2. (Server) Introduced the Access Control XML and Access class, you can now specify a repo base and some allowed directory, user can only browse the given dir and its subdirs


1. (Web) Separtated doPost and doGet method in, now Emailing page functions perfectly w/o error msgs 2. TODO (Web) Altough HttpSession’s impl’d and works correctly, it seems that u can acesss directly with another browser?? strange 3. XXX (HTTPS support) can’t be bother to self-sign a cert and setup secure webservers…/ 4. Now password…

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1. Fixed the lastModified problem, just a typo (wrote file instead of f in prossorthread.doList) Changed the Size to KBs, or Bytes if its < 1024 Changed the lastMod date to a readable string. 2. TODO (Web)  <- done(0405) isFirstTime mech need to be improved, so 2nd Email will not get send b4 u…

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1. Big strucutural redesign, modified the connectors, so it keeps the connection until timeout.(instead of one-off connections) miao~ 2. Exceptiion in new connector design (mobileDRC) Interface StreamConnection All Superinterfaces: Connection, InputConnection, OutputConnection All Known Subinterfaces: ContentConnection public interface StreamConnection extends InputConnection, OutputConnection This interface defines the capabilities that a stream connection must have. In…

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