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The meaning of MiB and GiB

Basically MB/GB means the prefixes M (10^6) and G (10^9) are counted in decimal. MiB/GiB means the prefixes are counted in binary – Mi (2^20), Gi (2^30). See the article on Wikipedia: Binary prefix Vendors specify capacities (of hard drives for example) using GB/MB which results in a higher value compared to GiB/MiB. However, Windows…

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A Glasses of Wine, Mac & Linux flavoured

Do you know how to use Windows application on Mac/Linux? – Wine An excellent article of installing Wine on Mac: How do you execute an .msi file on Mac/Linux? – Wine Sometimes windows installers come with msi extension instead of regular exe extension. Such software can be installed with the msiexec command which comes with wine. For…

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Useful SSL debug info for IIS

Copied from random places: Tool: SSL Diagnostics, available from Microsoft. Very powerful tool for debuging SSL related problems. Highly recommended if you are having trouble with SSL on IIS. This command is for repairing the private key asscoiated with a cert. Usefull when the pk is shown as corrupted or missing. certutil -repairstore my “SerialNumber”…

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太帅了,我总算把Candy的project在Mac上 run 起来了。。。 一开始Candy在她的Mac上面怎么都run不了她project的code demo,后来我试了一下,也不行。。我可是完全follow instruction的e。。。因为试NullPointer我就怀疑试path的问题,因为那个demo要take一个directory path作为args。。。但无论我用各种valid的path都不行,不管试relative的还是absolute的path,通通无效。。 后来我把那个demo拿的我windows上面run,,啥问题都没有。。。为什么就Mac有问题呢? 奇怪了吧?在linux下面似乎也ok的e?