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Pokesoft Commons Javascript

“Why use jQuery for every web project?” – This is a JS file containing common Javascript functions and utilities used with my web projects. Contains 3rd party code but does not rely on any other framework/functions.

JavaScript Time Picker

The first ever Time Picker that utilize a very easy drag and drop interface. With it’s unique design, anyone can drag the minutes or hour hands independently to select a time. Not very easy to use, I have to say ;( Im not going to use that, but it’s good enough for JS.…

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CSS ‘Dim Effect’

You must have seen lots of cool effects similar to this: When you open a popup box, it will dim/disable the background elements, so your foreground box is ‘highlighted’ and ‘floating’. This can be used to alert user about important messages, provide a better dialog box, etc. It’s here:


为了表示对地震受灾牺牲的人民的哀悼,我将把CUCOS的主页转成全灰色,为期一周,因此给大家带来的不便还请谅解,并希望大家能够为灾区救灾和重建奉献自己的一些力量. CUCOS网站:

Javascript Super Mario

CupBoy from the Nihilogic blog wrote a Javascript Super Mario engine which compresses down to just 14K. This includes all of the audio and sprite data for the little demo, which are both encoded within the single Javascript file. For the impatient ones:  <-just a demo…no music in IE, though Original: