Windows Command Line Tips You Should Check Out

Linux geeks are proud of their command line prowess and generally have some tricks up their sleeves. While the Windows command line is not considered as powerful as a Linux’s, here are some Windows command line tips and tricks not everyone might know about.

Here I included a few examples, better-cooler tips are in this post: (I like the “sleep” command hack & the full screen cmd console….)

  • Use “dir > filename.txt” to print the contents of the actual folder into a text file. Good to make lists of folder’s contents.. the “filename.txt” doesn’t have to end in “.txt” but it’s convenient to open later
  • Use “dir > filename.txt /s” to include all subfolders
  • It’s also useful to enable QuickEdit Mode to be able to highlight and paste with the mouse without having to right-click and select paste.Set it up by clicking the little “c:\_” icon in the upper left of the command window, and choose “defaults”. On the “Options” tab check “QuickEdit Mode” and click “OK”. Click the icon again, select “Properties” and check “QuickEdit Mode” and click “OK”. After hitting ok this time you will get a dialog box, select “Save properities for future windows with same title.” and hit ok.Now you will be able to use the left mouse button to highlight text, and the right mouse button to copy it

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