Popup links in MediaWiki to new window

have good reasons not to enable new window for links but this is just so annoying for me.

A simple method is to add a bit of script into MediaWiki:Common.js so it hooks links with a class=”pops” attribute, then add target=”_blank” to it for new window opening.

Detailed instructionn and script is here: http://jimbojw.com/wiki/index.php?title=Popup_links_in_MediaWiki_to_new_window

Very elegant and does not to extensive modification to text, no server access needed, just a sysop permission to edit the speical wiki page.

Bolt it on a table containing links and wola! all the links can be popped into new windows 🙂

Remember you need to force refresh for the chagnes to work in your web browser (Ctrl+R).

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