Review: Peter Storm Active Zip Off Trousers

I bought this one from Millets sale for ยฃ15, thought it would be a crap one but it is actually cheap & cheerful ๐Ÿ™‚

Notable Features:

  • Zip off bottom half to convert to shorts (not very useful to me in UK, I have only used it in Yosemite when it get very hot….)
  • Waist is partially elastic (I like this design)
  • Pockets: 2 cargo side (velcro), 2 “hard-warmer” front, 2 rear (velcro), 1 zipped front
  • A mysterious plastic ring on the top of the left front pocket, I don’t know what this is for, keys maybe? Since I can fit a karabiner in it… I am sure I can have some use of it…
  • Not waterproof! (This is only “splash proof”, 5mins in heavy rain it will be soaked!)
  • Light (320g) and durable. I’ve used it for hiking, scrambling, climbing for a year already and it still holds very well without any signs of wear.
  • Quick dry. A soaked one will pretty much dry itself within an hour or so.
  • Looks good in black. See my picture ๐Ÿ˜›
  • I would like to have another zipped pocket at the front, currently there is only one on the right and those “hand-warmer” pockets are too shallow to be useful for anything else (well, except hand-warming if you have small hands….)
  • Would be much better if it is fully waterproof…
I have a very thin waist but normal sized legs… that means I can never get the size right… went for 30S as a compromise between waist width and leg length… so my trouser is slightly fat and slightly short >_<, well can’t blame the product as it is my body! Hard to step your feet wide apart (=> trousers slipped lower down the waist… too much room left in between)ย when making a drastic climbing move though ๐Ÿ™ (well, I just need to pull my trousers up to make it happen, though….)

Update 25/07/2015:
After about 5 (4y10m to be exact) years of abuse (climbing, hiking, digging in the allotment), this trousers finally came to a state beyond repair… The front button and zip broke, the security pocket zip flown off, back pockets leaked… I would say this is money well spent (average to about 1p per day of use!). Good-bye! Now it became my aunt’s allotment work trousers (she fixed the front button so it is at least wearable).

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