Workflow: Extract VOB video clips from DVD without conversion

Finally I figured out this workflow using free software on OS X, for my projects (they are produced into DVD but I need to take samples for Youtube). By doing this, I am leaving all the encoding work to Youtube, since it will re-encode your video anyway. Supplying the original file to Youtube directly will avoid any quality degradation from your local encoding works.

Here is how I do it:

  1. Open your favourite video player that can playback the DVD or the VOB file (I use VLC Media Player), take a note of the start and end time of video you want to extract.
  2. Use MPEG Streamclip to open the DVD or the VOB file), it will complain that it need Apple’s Quicktime MPEG-2 Playback codec ($20) to play the video. Ignore this, I am not going pay for that.
  3. Press ⌘+G (jump to time), enter the start time you noted, press I (set In point). Press ⌘+G (jump to time), enter the end time you noted, press O (set Out point).
  4. Press ⌘+T (trim), now you should have the section you wanted. Press ⌘+S (save) to save the extracted video clip. MPEG Streamclip will save it using original format (VOB) without conversion or re-encoding.
  5. Verify your VOB clip by opening it with your favourite video player. Use the same procedure above to make adjustments.
  6. Upload to Youtube*, even though Youtube said it doesn’t support VOB file, it actually works well (since it is just MPEG-2 video).
* The VOB file is likely to be very big. If you have slow connection / bandwidth limit / can’t wait, then you will be much better off by encoding the video to H.264 first 🙂

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