Review: Tian Fu (天府布衣) Chinese Restaurant

Our work team found an excuse to visit Tian Fu again! This time for a Friday lunch – yes, so no one will do any work afterwards…

I prepared my list of things to order from my past experience. However we were quite disappointed this time due to our high expectations. They opened a branch nearby, the Tian Fu BBQ House (天府烧烤屋), one of my colleagues actually went there instead of the actual Tian Fu… Maybe I will try the BBQ House next time 🙂

Here is a summary of our food and my thoughts:

“招牌麻辣鸡” (Signature Spicy Chicken) – Served cold, they pour the sauce onto the dome of chicken breast pieces on with a bed of bamboo shoots. I was expecting this to be spicy, but nope, this is very mild, bit sweet, nutty 麻酱 taste. People liked it, I especially liked the bamboo shoots 😛 The chicken is tender but I fear it is slightly undercooked as I noticed slightly pinky colour on one of the chicken pieces. I would recommend this dish.

“夫妻肺片” (Spicy Offal Slices) – Served cold. This is THE reason that I visit here. Consistently the best 夫妻肺片 in London. No further comments, maybe a bigger portion for me 😀 It have mixture of 肺片 and 肚, maybe more 肺片instead of 肚… Rated the best in today’s lunch by my colleagues. Of course I would recommend this dish.

“孜然羊肉“ (Cumin Lamb) – One of my favourite dishes. They did it ok, bit too salty to my taste and the lamb slice a bit stiff, but those are acceptable. I would recommend this dish.

“清炒通心菜” (Stir-fried Tong Choi) – This was just a simple everyday dish, just to give us something non-spicy. They did call it “water morning glory” which confuses me! “Chinese spinch” is ambiguoius too…

“四川辣子鸡” (Hot Sichuan Chicken Pieces) – I had very good memory of this one from last year, so we order it again. Big disappointment, not spicy, not numbing at all. It is not even worth its name this time. It is spicy but not enough, the chicken pieces are tiny, mostly bones… I do not recommend this dish any more…

“茶树菇炖牛腩” (Beaf Stew with Tea Tree Mushrroms) – Not bad, but not good either. This is the non-spicy option we ordered. Beef is stewed OK, but only OK. The Tea Tree Mushrooms was too stiff, as if they didn’t soak them long enough. I would not recommend this dish.

“干煸豆角” (Dry Fried Green Beans) – This is not spicy (my version is a bit), standard taste I would say. But the mince used didn’t tasty fresh at all. I do not recommend this dish any more.

“水煮鱼” (Hot Boiled Fish) – Should be Sea Bass, not sure if it actually cod or not, this dish does feel generous with lots of fish pieces. Another big disappointment I used to take away their chillis and peppers to cook my own fish because they were so tasty. This time, they used a sieve to remove all the chillis and peppers, not sure if they are going to reuse that or not, but the fish definitely taste nothing but salty. This is not the taste for this dish at all. It should be numbing as it always used to be, I have been eating this dish every year, this one made me never to eat here ever again, it was that bad. Same response from my colleagues. I do not recommend this dish any more.

“麻婆豆腐“ (Mapo Tufu) – Classic Chinese dish, but they made it bad! Too much 豆瓣酱 made this one salty instead of spicy… I would not recommend this dish.

Overall we were disappointed with the quality of the dishes today. I don’t know why this year it has gone so bad, if this continues I will not come back here again. Also they still don’t have a website…

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