Review: Penang! Malaysian Restaurant, Westfield White City

Visited Penang! in Westfield with M. I have been here before, but can’t remember what I ordered last time.

Their menu says that you should allow for 3-5 dishes per person, which is crazy as I think 2 dishes will likely to get full (if you order one with noodles or rice). They also have a “big dishes if you are very hungry” section in the menu, which is more expensive than the normal ones. M had ordered the “Char Kway Teow” – Fried Flat Noodles (£10.25) from the big dishes menu. It only came a mouthful bigger than my “Pad Thai Prawns” (£6.25) from the normal menu. Either I am get very good value from the Pad Thair, or M was conned by the not-so-big Char Kway Teow…

Now, the food & drink summary:

(Main) “Pad Thai Prawns” – bit too sour compared with standard Pad Thai, but I liked it. Good portion enough for a dinner at a reasonable price.

(Main) “Char Kway Teow” – As I mentioned earlier, I am not impressed with the portion size as it was marketed as “big dishes”. Too spicy for me, the taste is just ok. Not recommended.

(Starter) “Kambling Satay” – Lamb Satay (£8.00). Lamb (5 skewers) is ok but not very tasty. Maybe satay is only good with chicken…

(Starter) “Sotong S P” – Fried Squid (£6.95). I treat this one as healthy as it doesn’t taste anything (less salt!). A sprinkle of sea salt and freshly grounded pepper will make this one a lot better (you do have those on your table, though).

(Drink) “Pearl Tea” (£2.95) – this is actually from a can, made in Taiwan. It is sweet milky tea with “pearl” bits at the bottom. Not bad!

(Drink) “Bananarama” (£4.35) – milkshake with banana & coconuts. I wanted to order fresh coconut (drink directly from it) but they run out. So ordered this milkshake instead. Tastes good.

The total bill was £42.65 with 10% service charge and tax. It may sound expensive but we did order too much food…. their menu was very misleading! With 2 mains and a drink it should be <£30.

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