Review: Tonkotsu Ramen Bar, Soho

Had a simple dinner with M a while ago in Soho, this is a differnt Ramen bar than the one I visited in nearby (which serves freshly made noodles – long queue). This one is rather deserted on a Sunday evening so we got in.

We ordered Sencha Green Tea (£2.30) for drinks as always, this is definitely overpriced.  Ramen choice is easy, I had the Tokyo Ramen (£10), adequate size. M had the Soho Ramen (£11) which have a very small portion of haddock and about 3 pieces of Pak Choi. The taste is good though as all the essense is in the soup, and they demostate the ramen assembling process through their window near the street and you can watch the chef getting your ramen ready there.

The highlight of this ramen bar is probably their chilli oil – eat the bits, no MSG. It tastes good and they sell the jars of them (£5.95 per jar).

The total bill was £28.16 with 10% service charge and tax.

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