Review: Beirut Express

Found a receipt dated 15/11/2014, judging from the 3 drinks I think it might be the dinner after climbing with David.

David must be the one who ordered Banana Milkshake (£2.75). Not sure it is me or M that ordered the Grapefruit Juice (£2.75) – most likely myself, then the Carrot Juice (£2.50) could be M’s choice.

I remember David didn’t eat too much meat, maybe he is nervous meeting M for the first time. We ordered a Mixed Grills (£13.00) and Spicy Lebanese Salad (£5.00) which are usually very good. Those salad at a middle eastern restaurants are always packed with flavour.

“Soujok” – Turkish Spicy Sausage (£5.50) –  are the small sausages good for a starter or as a tapas sharer.

“Kibbeh Shameyieh” – minced meat with bulgar wheat baked in the torpedo shape (£5.50), usually served as a part of meze. I think it is just so-so, on the dry side. Not recommended.

“Fatayer Bsabanekh”  – Spinach Patry Triangle (£5.00), I don’t like it at all as the filling is seasoned with lemon juice and it is quite sour. Not recommended.

As with any Middle Eastern restaurant, you get unlimited free bread and they are very tasty when hot. Although I think those are not made fresh but heated from prepackaged ones, or made a day before and reheated, just dont let htem go cold otherwise it is very chewy!


Served By: Ahmad, total bill was £42 not including service charge.

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