Review: PHO Ealing

Saw a new PHO opening in Ealing and offering half price on everything so we went there on a Monday evening of their 2nd day of opening. God there is a long queue – never though there are so many crazy people in Ealing. So I left M there and went for a quick Tesco shop while she queues.

The restaurant was very busy due to the 50% off food offer we managed to sit in within 30mins and the staff are obviously stressed with this many customers.

M ordered ABC for drink, that is Apple, Beetroot and Carrot, a nice name! Quite tasty but expensive at 3.40 pounds.

I ordered the Lemongrass Tea (1.80), it is basically a lemongrass stick in hot water.

There is Crepe Chix Prawn? (7.75) as starter, which is basically a bag of rice paper cut in half and served with herbs and dips, the rice paper is a lot and i struggled to eat all of them, they must be mad and can’t be bothered to take a few rice papers instead of the whole bag…

For the pho we ordered Pho House (10.75) and Pho Trung (9.75) which I have no idea what they look like or what’s in it…

Overall the food was plain and no where near Mama pho or Cafe East, at a premium price with smaller portion it is unlikely to see us visiting again except in a pinch.

With 50% off food it just matched what you would get from Mama Pho, full price is 33.45, the 50% doesn’t include VAT so the full payment is 21,74. Not very impressed even with the discount!

On the good side their pickles are very nice, I think i ate the whole jar of the chilis on the table 😛

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